Monday, July 28, 2014

Praise the Lord! The Metal Building is On Location!

Our new metal building is on location! By the grace of God, the movers moved the building without incident last night.   The building was left overnight on the trailer rig because it was too late to do anything then.

Early in the morning, brother Okie took some pictures  of the building, still on the trailer:

Over the new few hours,  the building was set up on top of pier and beam foundation. 


Brother Okie showing his approval.  

Brother Okie and Anton in front of the new building. 

With brother Ambros who took these pictures.

Thank you God, of whom all things are made possible, It's been a long journey, and we still have a long way to go! 

Moving Night Pt 2: The Move!

The new metal building was moved earlier this morning, at 1:30 AM.  Below are some pictures of the move. 

The 64 x 24 metal building is  pulled by a trailer.


Some of us made it on location at 1:30 AM central.  I wish I can be there with you all!

Like what Dr. Kiki would've said:  God is Good!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moving Night: Metal Building to be Transported To Location Late Sunday Night

Brother John often says, everything happens in His time.  But when God moves, He moves fast.

Our new metal building is being transported to location tonight.  To minimize issues and prevent issues with traffic , the mover has obtain the permit to move the building on location late night.

Please pray with us that everything will go smoothly.  We pray to the Lord that what we are doing is in accordance to his will, and that we are very grateful for all of the blessings and the guidance He has provided. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First pics of the The New Metal Building.

We have some pictures of the new metal building we're purchasing.    It's about 64 ft. long, and 24 ft. wide.  The building is still sitting at a school we're purchasing it from.  Thanks for brother John for taking these pictures.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Putting Down the Mark

Brother John is on the property today.  He is marking where the metal building will go.

One of the white flags that marks one the building corners.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

God Will Make A Way

So, we have not posted any activities lately on this blog.  Truth be told, the leadership team has gone through a lot of planning with what we will happen with the land.  But yes: not much has happened physically. 

So today, we finally got a chance to visit the land again.  Here is a view from the hilly parts of the side of the property:

Going through the east bank toward the river, we can see that there has been quite a bit of growth since we last visited. 

Yes: our promised land looks more like a jungle.  It's a lot greener compared to last winter, and spring and summer also brought quite a bit of wild bramble, thick shrubs, and thick thorny vines.

Our river Jordan has some water from the rain just the other day:
But, Soli-Deo is his church, and the church will do things in His time.  This past week, God has opened away for us to start using the land, and provided a new metal building for our use.  The seller is ready to move it into the property.  But we still questioned, how are we supposed to bring the building into the property against the thickets and the hilly terrain.
And like an old hymn that we sing from time to time during worship, the answer is revealed to us:    "God will make a way!"
God has blessed John M. our fellow church member who happens to be a land developer with a vision. Today it's starting to become reality.
The metal building is at least 24" wide, so we need to clear out the way for the building to get in.   There is just the right amount against the eastern bank of the Jordan river to make an entry way for the building. 
And it will take quite a bit of clearing before the building can be moved in.
So, we have the help of Doug, manning a powerful CAT bulldozer, plowing away the entrance on the east bank of the Jordan.

Thickets and trees are no match for Doug and his CAT:



It took about three hours to clear the entryway. But look!  We have an opening for the metal building to go through! 

Here are a views from the Trinity Blvd.

Where the church entryway will be, after further construction work.


And, the cleared plot of land where the metal building will be temporarily located. 

God really did make a way!  We are thankful for people like Doug that helped clear the opening in no time. 

We hope to post photos of  the new building being installed.  And we pray that God will allow us to  worship together on this land very soon.  Keep praying for us!