About The Joshua Project


It has been 10 years since Soli-Deo Indonesian Christian Church was established, as a place for a Indonesians community in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, to worship and give thanks to the Lord, to minister and to fellowship with one another about the love of Christ.

The church is grateful to be able to rent the facilities belonging to Arlington Chinese Bible Church for doing our ministry.  However the time has come for our church to have our own building.   On September 2012, under the direction of the Pastoral Leadership Team, the Church has launched a new project for expanding our ministries, called the "Joshua Project"

What is the Joshua Project?

The Joshua Project is a vision given by God to our Pastor when He called him to be the shepherd for Soli-Deo Indonesian Church.  After some time of praying, and seeking the will of God, on August 21, 2013, our Lord provided a "promised land" for the development of permanent Worship Center and Educational Facilities for Soli-Deo Indonesian Church.

The land is located at 13501 Trinity Blvd, Euless, Texas 76040. The property is 6.8699 acres.  Half of the property is open lot, while the other half is covered by trees.  A brook trickles down the tree covered area of the property.
View of property from Trinity Blvd.
Looking south west from the property
Facing the north side of the property
Facing east, where trees and thornweed still covers the brook.

We are forever grateful to our Lord for providing the land for us to expand his kingdom.  As we earnestly seek his guidance and providence for the planning and construction of the building itself, we also pray that the Lord would move your heart and support us through prayers and monetary support. 

Leadership Team

Project Joshua is lead by Dr. Oei Kwan Ki and Co-Lead by Anton Chong.

How can I help?

Prayer!  We know that God listens to his children and answers prayer.  Jesus said when two or three believer asks for something, it will be done by His Father.  Please pray with us that this worship building will become a reality, a place where all of us can commune and worship him together!   Should your heart be moved, you are more than welcome to send us monetary donation of any amount.  Please visit our Donations page for more details.